Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BBQs, Bees and Bathing Suits

Summer ROCKS.

We had a great neighborhood block party last weekend. We ate, talked, watched fireworks, and had a great time.
Here is everyone getting ready for the fireworks to begin...

I'm pretty sure all Claire ate the whole night were Doritos.

Family pic (thanks again Jamie!)

These kids were so cute! They loved watching all the fireworks!

After dark, Nate and I had some fun with the sparklers. I'm impressed with his ability to write backwards.

We also took in a Bees game...well, sort of.

This was how the game started...

After three short innings, it turned into this...

We hung out under the eaves for about 45 minutes while it poured.

It finally cleared up, and we got to see this beautiful double rainbow.

And Claire got to puddle jump.

We started swim class (again) at the beginning of this month. Tomorrow is our last day and I'm so sad. I'm pretty sure I like the class more than Claire does. This time, we took it with my nephews, sister, and sis-in-law. Its so fun hanging out with these guys!

Brad subbed for E'Shell one day, so he could give it a try and she could take pics. The kids all loved having Uncle Brad there.

She always runs to get her towel, usually with purple lips and goosebumps.

Why can't life always be like this? I heart summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The B-man

My little brother, Brandon (or as anyone who knows him, calls him B-man), is leaving for an LDS mission to Lima, Peru tomorrow. He'll be gone for two years. I hate even typing that. He is one of my very best friends. For the last couple weeks if Nate or anyone else even brought him up, I'd start crying. Claire said something about him last night, the tears started coming and she said, "You missin B-man? Don't be sad. Be happy." Anyone who reads my blog regularly, knows I love the B-man. So I thought I'd give him a little shout-out before he goes.
Here they are - the top ten things I'm going to miss about B-man:

#10 - His goofy sense of humor.

#9 - He loves his family.

#8 - He's an amazing uncle to Claire.

#7 - He's athletic and fun to play sports with - whether its snowboarding, lacrosse, ping pong, bowling, frisbee, jumping off high dives, etc.

#6 - He loves to flash gang signs in almost every picture I take of him.

#5 - He's really random.

{Yes, one of his presents for her second birthday was a chocolate Crucifix.)

#4 - He's one of Nate's best friends too.

#3 - Did I mention he's an amazing uncle?

#2 - He's the best youngest brother a girl could ask for.

And #1 - He's going to be an amazing missionary.

I'm going to miss him SO much. But I couldn't be prouder of everything he's accomplished and has yet to accomplish. I love you so much B! The people of Peru are lucky to have you!