Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Luke

Luke Nathan Plowman
May 9, 2010 (<--Mother's Day!)
8:26 am
6 lbs, 15 oz
19 inches
Less than 5 hours from the time my water broke at home until he was born...he was good to me.

Most beautiful baby boy we've ever seen

Claire is one proud big sister. She's still getting used to calling him Luke, it's pretty much "baby brother" all the time. *Sigh*...we love him.

Birth details to come!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You know you're pregnant when...

* Your nightstand has a pile of two pregnancy books, Babywise, a breastfeeding book, a child-rearing book, and a bowl from last night's late-night craving.

*You think very often about five foods:
#5 - Mambas

#4 - Wheat toast with peanut butter

#3 - Green leaf lettuce

#2 - Chinese food (particularly Panda Express' Beijing Beef)

#1 - Cherry Acai yogurt (from Smith's) with granola...I eat this almost every night.
(Also when you have at least six cartons of said yogurt downstairs, but don't want to take the time to get your camera, take a picture and upload it to the blog. So you settle for a picture of a different flavor.)

* You can only wear flip flops because no other shoe can fit on your feet.
(I will not be providing a picture.)

* You clean everything more than once and can't stand to have dishes in the sink overnight.

* You are consistently bumping your belly into people or walls because you're not used to having something protrude so far out of your body.

* When a water bottle falls on the floor in the car and you watch it roll back and forth because you cant reach it to pick it.

* You have to ask your husband to paint your toenails. Ugggh.

* You have to sticky-note everything because you can't remember what you did five minutes ago, let alone what you need to do in a week. Then you can't find said sticky note.

* You are exhausted every night from lack of sleep.

And the easiest way to know you're pregnant...
* The biggest reason you can't sleep is because you are more excited than ever to look at your sweet baby and hold him in your arms.

Sigh...11 days to go.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Claire is 3.

Does every parent secretly dread their child's birthday? When anyone asks Claire how old she's going to be on her birthday, she'll reply, "I'm going to be three. It makes Mommy sad." Apparently I've told her too many times that I don't want her to grow up. But it keeps happening anyway.

Here are some of her 3(I just hate even saying it)-year photos. I sure love this girl.

To see more, check out my photography blog or my Facebook page.

Photos of her birthday party to come soon!