Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Zoo, the potty and one cute little girl

We went to Kangaroo Zoo (again) on Monday, this time with cousins Drew and Corgan in tow.

Claire figured out how to climb up the biggest slide by herself.

And then go down by herself. I found myself a little choked up realizing that she's big enough to do that herself. Seriously. Stop growing.

Then we got to see the actual Kangaroo from Kangaroo Zoo. You would have thought we were meeting Elvis or something. She ran right over to him, then the second he put his hand out for a high five, she ran away screaming and crying. I had to force her to get anywhere near him after that.

For the past little while, Claire has seemed to want to start potty training. She tells me before (and after) she "goes" and always wants to sit on the toilet. So I got her a little seat to go on the toilet and she loves to sit on her "Elmo Potty". Here she is, sitting on her potty, watching "Baby Signing Time", and holding the treat she gets if she goes. So far, its been working.

Finally, I got a new camera lens yesterday and wanted to test it out. Claire always gets to be my guinea pig...

Since she was a baby, she loves to stick that tongue out.

"Ready, set..."

A very confused "Touchdown".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top Ten

I've gotten so behind on blogging that I've decided to just do a Top Ten of our last few weeks to catch myself up!

TOP TEN (in order of occurrence)

#10 - Christmas

#9 - Plowman family coming to visit over the holidays (for more pics on this, see my photo blog tomorrow)

#8 - Sledding

#7 - Nephews and a niece

#6 Claire's new hula outfit from Uncle Ry

#5 - Kangaroo Zoo (of course)

#4 - My Claire bug

#3 What Claire looks like when Nate dresses her (seriously)

#2 Watching my nephew, Drew, every Wednesday...Claire's favorite day of the week.

#1 Hanging out with my best little friend everyday...and wishing my other best friend didn't have to work

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself...the Melissa Sue Photography website is up and running!! I have been working to get this up for months. I would work on it a little here and there, but it always felt so overwhelming and life was just too busy. Finally over the holidays, I sat down and finished it. You can check it out here:

For anyone whose photos I have taken, you will especially want to check it you'll most likely make a cameo. :)