Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin, pumpkin, who's got the pumpkin?

We headed up to Pack's Pumpkin Patch in Farmington this week. Of course, we chose the coldest day of the week to go. I only brought a light jacket for Claire and the poor girl was freezing. Nonetheless, a good time was had. Here she is being ever so careful, as always, not to fall.

Can you see the purple lips?? Bad mom.

Claire's cute friend Chloe (Ashlee wins the most prepared mom the jester hat!)

Claire and me

One of my new favorite pictures ever. Boys tend to be more reckless than girls, don't they?

Drew after the fall

They loved being pushed around in the cart.

We had to get this picture. Props to Angie for keeping them both in place behind there!

We definitely need to make this a yearly tradition.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

All right...

So a few weeks ago when Claire was eating breakfast I said, "All right Claire!" and she loved it. She kept saying, "more, more" and made me say it over and over. Well, ever since that day, Claire says "all right" to everything. "All right Daddy!" (her favorite), "All right toast!", "All right bow!", "All right bye bye!". Everything is preceded with "all right". I had to document...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh yeah...

If this doesn't make you all tingly with excitement to see the Twilight movie, I don't know what will...



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who doesn't love a carnival?

A couple weeks ago we went to this really great carnival at Wheeler Farm. It had everything a kid dreams of...tons of blow-up slides and toys, a train, cotton candy, face painting, etc. A kid's own personal heaven.

Claire and Drew waiting in line...

Jumping in the Bouncing Room. I never got a photo of her on the big slide, but she loved it.

I attempted to get a pic of the star on her cheek and butterfly on her arm, but this was a good as it got.

Here is Claire waiting for the train ride to begin. It was so funny to see her sitting in her own little car, all grown up...she looks a little confused.

She giggled and smiled for the first half of the ride, but then somehow managed to push the little bar away from her body and started to fall. Luckily, the conductor saw too and let me jump in with her. Then she liked it again.

I try to do a photo shoot with Claire once a are a few of my favorites from her 16-month shoot.

She was trying to be funny in this one...

Love this one. On her toes. Always on her toes.