Thursday, September 27, 2007

Claire's first solid foods!

Claire has been giving all the signs that she's ready to start eating rice cereal (smacking her lips when we're eating dinner, wanting to eat earlier than her normal schedule, etc.). So we decided to start it yesterday. It was so fun and she did surprisingly well!

Here she is all ready to go in her high chair...she looks tiny in it! And of course, she's doing her favorite thing - eating her hands!


Right from the start she did a great job of opening her mouth when we put the spoon up...but the whole "getting her tongue out of the way so you can swallow" thing was a little harder. So we learned to put it a little farther back in her mouth and that helped. But by the end, she was really getting it down.

More please!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Corgan pictures

As promised, here are a few more pictures of Corgan at the hospital. He's SO cute!

Corgan with Mom and Dad

Here he is doing his Zoolander "Blue Steel" look. He already knows one of the best movies ever!

With Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ryan

One of the most amazing things about Corgan is that he never cries. Literally. Brad and E'Shell have never heard him cry. He'll make little whiny noises, but other than that, he just chills. Even during the first bath!

Sporting the faux hawk!

And finally, Corgan has a little bit of jaundice, so they had to keep him under the lights. Poor little guy!

Brad and E'Shell brought him home from the hospital last night and we went over to see him. He's SO adorable!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Announcing Corgan Brad Webb...

We have a new nephew!! Corgan Brad Webb (C B Dub as we call him) was born at 8:30 p.m. yesterday!! He weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. He's doing great and so is E'Shell. We are so happy he is here safe and healthy!

Here is a picture of him off my phone. I'll post some more when I get a chance at him with my camera. :)

Look at all that hair!

Aaron's Triathalon!

I have to brag about our amazing brother-in-law, Aaron. He just finished a triathalon this weekend and finished in the top ten for his age group (ages 24-29)! Way to go Aaron! Now if this wasn't enough of a feat on it's own, he also did a few other things this summer:

1-Finished his first year at Harvard Dental School
2-40 hours/week of research all summer long
3-Had a baby (well, his wife did at least)
4-Moved into a new apartment
5-Trained for this triathalon
6-Continued being a great dad and husband

I guess there is no more complaining about how busy I am! Way to go Aaron!!! We are so proud of you!

Marcus beaming with pride for his dad!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Go Aggies!

Although we couldn't make it up to the game, it was the USU Homecoming game last night. We wanted to support the team (even though the lost...once again), so we dressed Claire up in her Aggie attire.

That night, she was having some fun with Uncle Brandon. He kept making her low ride her jeans. (My favorite part about this picture is the fat still coming out at the top of her jeans!)

She loves her Uncle B-Man!

Damien Rice rocks.

Last Tuesday I went to Damien Rice's concert at UVSC with my brother, Brad. We had so much fun! Brad got me the tickets for my birthday in Oct. Happy birthday to me! I've always been a big fan of Damien, but after seeing him live I might call myself a stalker. He was awesome! You know how you'll go to a concert and the artist just isn't nearly as good live and on his CD? Well, Damien Rice was way better than his CD, which I didn't think was possible.
Claire and me before the concert.
Thanks Brad!!!

Getting ready in the morning

Claire hates to miss out on anything, including when I'm getting ready in the morning. She likes to be front and center and loves to watch her reflection in the mirror. So I usually put her in the Bumbo and have her sit on the counter by me. She'll grab every bottle in sight and promptly throw it on the ground!

Family Night...done right!

Last Monday we had a family night with some of my family's friends, the Browns. We went to their GORGEOUS home and had a BBQ. My brother Ryan and his BFF Bryce planned the whole thing. It was so much fun! We finished off the night with a little ping pong tourney.

While growing up, ping pong after FHE was a bit of a tradition. The Webbs have always been hardcore on the ping pong. That's why I still waste Nate every time we play. ;) Here are a couple action shots...(Nate was out of town and Claire slept was sleeping in the other room)

B-Man and Jan getting really intense

Mike and Ang watching the games

Dad, me, Ryan and Bryce...the final four

Mom and Mike having a little fun

And finally, Brad and E'Shell chilling on the couch and a darling pic of the Drewskie.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Top 7 Things I Loved About the Utah State Fair

We went to the Fair on Saturday with my cousins, Mitch and Nancy, and their two boys, Bryton and Mason. It was a blast! I always love the Fair. I think I've had an obsession going to it every year ever since I watched the musical "State Fair". For those of you who know that musical, I'm sure it brings to mind the song, "Our state fair is a great state fair. Don't miss it, don't even be late..." I was singing it all night to Nate!

Anyway, here's the top seven things we loved about the Fair this year!

7-) All the GIGANTIC fruits and veggies...
6-) Two words - Holy Cow...

5-) All the cute farm animals...
4-) The fact that you could "See the Giant Pig....Alive!" (versus the Giant Pig...dead??)
3-) The Tractor Pull...which by the way made me really mad. Apparently there is no tractor involved at all in the processs! They soup up these big trucks and try to pull a weighted sled. Dumb. Nate and Mitch kept trying to explain it to Nancy and me, but we were just disappointed...shouldn't a tractor pull involve tractors??

2-) The Giant Slide! (We even got to take Claire on it with us!)

See us at the top?

1-) Spending time with family!