Saturday, September 18, 2010

The girl likes soccer.

And I'm happy about it. I played soccer for 13 years while growing up and couldn't wait to get Claire signed up for her first season. It was so fun to watch these kids play. They don't really have any rules besides 1-you can't pick up the ball, and 2-don't kick it out of bounds. Other than that the kids run around the ball like a herd. Here's the play by play:

Warming up with Coach Brian and Chase.

Practicing drop kicks (her favorite thing).

The starting team...and Claire dancing to the whistle.

She was so into it!

Claire's turn on the bench (she literally sat on the cone the whole time she was out).

Back in the game (can you see her behind Chase?).

The game is over! Cheering for the other team, who won. The score was something like 15 to 8.

Giving high fives to the other team.

And finally, the real reason she wanted to play...treats after the game.

Family shot...Nate had just run 20 miles in preparation for the St. George Marathon coming up in 3 weeks.

She loved the first game and ended up scoring four goals! With two of them being in the correct goal, one of them for the other team, and the last one was in the goal of the team playing on the field next to us. :) We had to explain the rules to her after, but she didn't care. She went around telling everyone that she scored four goals in her soccer game. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

State Fair

We try to make it to the Fair every year, and this year was no exception. Here are the kids all lined up to see the pigs. Claire was a little unsure.

Some of the kids outside the cow building...Carter, Claire, Addy and Isaac.

Nate took Claire down the giant yellow slide. She screamed the whole way down, can you see her?

She was bawling after and ran up to me and said, "Daddy didn't hold me tight enough!"

For the record, I took her after that and she got off the ride laughing. Ha.

Family pic.

We love the Fair!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Claire's First Day of Preschool

Yes, she did go to summer preschool, but I had to document her first day starting out the school year at a new preschool. She loves Miss Kara and so do we. We really lucky because she is less than a block away. So while its warm, we get to walk to school. Here she is, ready for the first day...singing about school.

Still singing and dancing on the walk there. Can you tell she was excited? This girl needs preschool.

The Carter-man joined us on the walk, but he can already ride a bike!

Claire and her teacher, Miss Kara.

Claire and Carter.

Listening to her teacher, and picking up her elephant rug.

She loves the rug and gets to sit on it during Circle Time.

I made her take a picture with me...can you tell how happy she was about it?

Claire and Drew. (Before Drew moved to Texas. :( )

Annie, Angie and Drew on the big day.

Luke, riding in the stroller.

After we picked her up. Here's her paper where she wrote her name.

Claire and, we miss him!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Camping over Labor Day

Our annual camping trip over Labor Day was no let down. The weather was nice and we had the perfect camping spot (thanks to my cousin and aunt going up early in the week and saving the spot!). Here are a few highlights:

My first time driving a dirt bike! I was scared to death, but I LOVED it and wanted to do it again as soon as I got off. I'm now opening (slightly) to the idea of Nate getting a motorcycle.

Getting some instruction from everyone and rocking some sweet knee pads...

And I'm off! Thanks for letting me ride Ry and Livi!

We played Minute To Win It games all weekend...Nate trying to stack 8 nuts...

I gave it a try...

Bryton came close...

Jeff looking intense...

Mom giving it a go...

E'Shell is concentrating...

Mitch almost got it...

Ryan attempting...

But the only one to stack them and get them to stay...Brad!

One of the most memorable things for the kids was the "Pirate Ship." They played pirates all weekend and this huge rock was their ship.

Here is First Mate Mason, Captain Claire, Pirate Drew, Bluebeard Bryton and Skipper Corgan.

And the group shot, only missing a few people.

And a little family shot on the morning we left...looking awesome.

Can't wait for next year!