Friday, January 8, 2010

Big news...

We are so excited!

Nate and I decided that it might be fun this time around to find out the sex of the baby with the family. So we went to the ultrasound and saw the baby, but told the doctor we didn't want to know the sex yet. When she was checking out "down there", she just told us and we looked away. I had printed two signs - one that said "It's a girl" and one that said "It's a boy". So after the ultrasound was over, the doctor went into a back room and placed the correct one in two manila envelopes (so I couldn't see through - Nate's idea). Then Nate took it back to work with him so I couldn't cheat (another one of his ideas). :)

This was right after we got the envelope. It was a LONG day waiting to open it.

{Side note: I have a funny, well funny now, story about why I'm wearing my glasses. I normally always wear contacts, but the day before I had been chopping jalapeños. Have you ever chopped jalapeños? I made the mistake of itching my eye right after I cut them. I have never been burned on my eye, but this felt exactly like I had. I immediately turned on the water to flush my eye and thought "I better take my contact out." Umm....mistake. Putting both fingers directly on my eye felt like I had poured gasoline and lit a match on it. It hurt so BAD! And apparently, the juices stay on your hands for a few days, no matter how many times you wash them. Hence, the glasses and inability to put my contacts in. Just know that if you plan on chopping jalapeños, you have been warned.}

That night my family came over and we opened the envelope. We wrote down everyone's guesses.

Had to have pink and blue cookies...

Here we are, DYING to open it.

Claire did the honors...

She was really surprised. But her first words were, "I wanted a sister." Nice.

We were so excited!!

Me pointing out to Nate that yes, its definitely a boy.

All the grandkids on my side, there will be five soon!

So far, the Chinese Calendar and the Pencil Test have predicted the sex of my babies correctly. We'll see if they can keep it up...